Musings of a PTA President: Misconceptions

It’s cliquey.

All they want is money.

It will consume all my free time.

I was stunned to learn these accusations of the PTA are true.

Or not.

Really it depends who I talk to. And if they’ve had coffee.

Maybe the real problem is one of perception. Perception brought on by (dare I say it?) poor branding and lazy messaging.

Yup, I said it.

I’m not going to bore you with all that bullshit about how rewarding it is, how you are giving back to your children and the community (ok, I might say that ONCE to instill some guilt), and how fun it is. While true, you can read that anywhere.  Let me give you my insider’s perspective.

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For the love of laundry!

Once upon a time I accepted that laundry was my job. Forever.  I dreaded the monotony and disruption of the chore. Washer…wait for it… dryer…wait for it… fold clothes..takes forever especially because all clothes are inside out… put clothes away…which is really optional around here…repeat. YAWN. Boooooring.

While I love clean clothes I am still mildly annoyed by the never ending cycle of wash, dry, and fold. At any given moment of any given day I am in one of the laundry stages.

During a recent “will this never end?” rant, Josh pointed out that I can’t possibly loathe doing laundry as much as I claim. In fact, my actions show that I must LOVE it.

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