Can you walk a mile in Jimmy Choo’s?

There is a group of women, like my friend Sarah, who can walk for miles in in four inch heels without a whimper of complaint.

And then there’s me. A person who can’t resist a gorgeous pair of shoes but craves comfort above all else.

Does beauty trump comfort? How do I go from, “I am looking for a pretty, comfortable pair of shoes” to a closet filled with beautiful shoes I never wear because they torture my feet?

Here’s how:

I’m in the store. There they are. A pair of shoes I.must.have.

I gingerly put them on my feet. I admire their beauty.

I walk around the store thinking this is *the perfect pair of shoes*.

I convince myself they ARE comfortable despite any warning signs to the contrary. Anyway, how can you really know if a shoe fits from walking around a small store?

I purchase them, mentally picturing which outfits they will match.

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Musings of a PTA President: Overcoming Denial

My consideration to become the president of the PTA was met with a mix of cynicism and skepticism. Friends and family questioned my sanity. Josh stared at me in disbelief while uttering the words, “I support this if it makes you happy.” (collective awwwww!)

While I thought, “How can I NOT have time for something so important?” others were in disbelief that I could make time for something so consuming and significant.

Apparently overcoming denial is a big part of being a PTA president.

Denial # 1: It can’t take that much time

After spending 4 weeks getting up to speed during my scarce “free time” I can say with 100% certainty: holy crap this is a lot of work.  I dedicated 2 days of PTO to the PTA already. While it is quite time consuming I am also quite happy. This is going to be a fulfilling year but I might have to give up sleeping entirely. And in case you didn’t know, I LOVE SLEEP.

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Signs you are a Seinfeld Addict

  • You never miss an episode even though the show went off the air 15 years ago.
  • You think it’s not possible to watch too much of, or talk too much about, Seinfeld.
  • You get angry if anything interferes with Seinfeld (damn BASEBALL).
  • You reference the show daily.
  • You start a conversation with “helllloooo [fill in person’s name]”, gloss over juicy details with “yada yada yada”, and end with “not that there’s anything wrong with that.”
  • When surprised, you yell “GET OUT” and shove someone.
  • You’ve left a meeting on a high note.
  • You have at least one pet named after a Seinfeld character.

    Meet Newman.

    Meet Newman

  • When someone says, “you’ll never believe what so-an-so named their kid” you excitedly reply “SEVEN?!?” (One time I did this and my non-Seinfeld friends looked at me in bewilderment. In fact, the baby’s name was Seven.).

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