Sweet Dreams

I love sleep. I am a 10-hour-a-night, wake-up-at-10am, sleep-anywhere-anytime type of sleeper.

Given my absolute love of sleep, I was surprised to find myself looking forward to my baby’s 3am wake ups. 3am? That was sacred sleep time, not to be disturbed by anyone for any reason at any time. But her sweet cry would lure me out of bed . As I stumbled into her room she would reach for me and I’d fall in love with her all over again (who even knew that was possible?!?!).

I would pick her up and relish in that sweet baby smell. We’d rock together as she settled in for a snack. I found myself snuggling with her long after that snack was complete. Her head fit like a puzzle piece in the crook of my neck. Her body cradled in my arms perfectly. Her little finger would wrap around mine so naturally. The night silence would envelop us as we cuddled. There was nothing to distract us; nothing to take away from that moment of completely togetherness. We were fully present.

I savored those nights and knew they would be short lived.  The 3am wake up is now a 4am wake up.  I hear her door creek followed by little footsteps running down the hall. She stands by the bedside and gives me a nudge to let me know she is there before crawling into my bed.  We cuddle until the sun rises as  I willingly give up my beloved sleep for a sweet girl who is giving me a lifelong memory.

I treasure those uninterrupted moments at 3 (now 4)am that interrupt my sacred sleep.


One thought on “Sweet Dreams

  1. […] After spending 4 weeks getting up to speed during my scarce “free time” I can say with 100% certainty: holy crap this is a lot of work.  I dedicated 2 days of PTO to the PTA already. While it is quite time consuming I am also quite happy. This is going to be a fulfilling year but I might have to give up sleeping entirely. And in case you didn’t know, I LOVE SLEEP. […]

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