Reason # 2: Why we can’t get out of the house quickly

My little fashionista can put together an outfit that personal shoppers envy. In a snap she pairs a shirt with pants and accessories the way a sommelier pairs the perfect wine with food. She gets stumped with the perplexing problem of finishing the outfit with…


Picking socks sparks controversy, debate, tears, and tantrums. It delays our morning routine up to 15 minutes. You read that right, IT TAKES FIFTEEN MINUTES TO SETTLE ON SOCKS some mornings.

Why? WHY? WHY?

Because these socks need to be the exact right color, texture, size, and length. In one morning alone she might say any – or all – of these things to me:

Mommy, that one is too long to wear with these pants.

Mommy, those are too short to wear with fashion boots.

Mommy, those are the wrong color.

Mommy, I want one of the kitty-purple-socks and one of the purple-only-croc socks

Mommy, those are too tight.

Mommy, those are too loose.

Mommy, those are too thick.

Mommy, that one has bumps on the bottom.


And every time this happens I feel like we are reenacting the scene from Seinfeld between Elaine and Mr. Pitt:


One day I might find the perfect pair of socks for her. And I will buy them in every size and color.

In the meantime, it’s summer time so I will enjoy a few months of sock-free-arguments while we all wear sandals.


2 thoughts on “Reason # 2: Why we can’t get out of the house quickly

  1. hahahaha, I’m going to call Lila Pearl, Lila Pitt from now on.

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