Take THAT “Busy Isn’t Respectable Anymore”

I get it. Being busy isn’t respectable anymore. But sometimes life is oh.my.god.I.have.so.much.to.do busy for a few days. Or a week. Or in my case a month. So busy, in fact, that eating becomes optional (thank you, work-induced-weight-loss-program!) And washing ones hair happens every 3 (ok, 4) days.

So I give up. I accept these things are not going to happen:

  • A clean house. Ok, a clean house was never going to happen around here. Let’s go with “any sort of organization whatsoever”.
  • An organized inbox. My work email is at 1,500. My gmail is at 500. My yahoo is too large to count. Perhaps the problem is too many email addresses.
  • Writing thank-you cards for my 4-year old. You know, for her birthday party that was in JANUARY.
  • Germ prevention. As evidenced by a nasty cold that came complete with laryngitis and double conjunctivitis. (Me, not the kids). Yes, I realize this could be related to the 1st bullet.
  • Having a case of the Mondays. It’s impossible to have a case of the Monday’s when you work all weekend.
  • Remembering to send the kids to school with any necessities. Like extra clothes, extra water, proper attire for after school programs, homework, signed paperwork, etc. I have remembered to send them with lunch. And a snack.

Things I have somehow managed to keep doing:

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