Take THAT “Busy Isn’t Respectable Anymore”

I get it. Being busy isn’t respectable anymore. But sometimes life is oh.my.god.I.have.so.much.to.do busy for a few days. Or a week. Or in my case a month. So busy, in fact, that eating becomes optional (thank you, work-induced-weight-loss-program!) And washing ones hair happens every 3 (ok, 4) days.

So I give up. I accept these things are not going to happen:

  • A clean house. Ok, a clean house was never going to happen around here. Let’s go with “any sort of organization whatsoever”.
  • An organized inbox. My work email is at 1,500. My gmail is at 500. My yahoo is too large to count. Perhaps the problem is too many email addresses.
  • Writing thank-you cards for my 4-year old. You know, for her birthday party that was in JANUARY.
  • Germ prevention. As evidenced by a nasty cold that came complete with laryngitis and double conjunctivitis. (Me, not the kids). Yes, I realize this could be related to the 1st bullet.
  • Having a case of the Mondays. It’s impossible to have a case of the Monday’s when you work all weekend.
  • Remembering to send the kids to school with any necessities. Like extra clothes, extra water, proper attire for after school programs, homework, signed paperwork, etc. I have remembered to send them with lunch. And a snack.

Things I have somehow managed to keep doing:

  • Laundry. I love laundry.
  • Sleep. Necessity. Enough said.
  • Eat. Sometimes. Partly because I have a fabulous husband that delivers food (and coffee!) to my (home) office.
  • Meditation. Because without it I might be downright mean. For example, after snapping at Josh and the girls over the weekend, Josh wrote “Be Nice” on my white board. Without meditation I suspect he would have written “Don’t be such a bitch!” on my white board. Improvement! (Note to readers: that says MEDITATION, not MEDICATION – has anyone else ever noticed that those words have only 1-letter different?).
  • Cuddling every night with the girls (and Josh). Except one. Because I was on a conference call from 4pm to 11pm. otherwise cuddling has continued. Phew!
  • Attend a PTA workshop. Admittedly this is because the workshop is during “evening kid time” when I would normally be feeding them but instead will take them to a workshop.
  • Blog. Just this one. Don’t expect any more blogs anytime soon.

I know one key message in the Busy blog is “Though we all have seasons of crazy schedules, few people have a legitimate need to be busy ALL of the time. For the rest of us, we simply don’t know how to live within our means, prioritize correctly, or say no”

The author says, straight out: sometimes we’re going to be busy!  And for me, these past few weeks of busy has shown me that I can prioritize. Eating, sleeping, cuddling, meditating, and laundry. Reasonable list of priorities.

Then again, I am blogging at midnight.


One thought on “Take THAT “Busy Isn’t Respectable Anymore”

  1. Sadie says:

    Hi Jill,
    Your blogs always manage to deliver a great message and make me laugh at the same time. Which one of us cannot relate to this? I especially love your primary assertion that being busy isn’t respectable anymore. It used to feel like stopping for a second to do anything that wasn’t considered “productive” was close to committing a cardinal sin. I think we’ve finally grown wiser and recognize the need for balance. Now I like putting things like “rest, relax, and have fun” on my to-do list and feeling the satisfaction of checking them off when they’re done.

    Good observation about meditation and medication! chuckle!

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