The Cuddle (Dis)Connection

“Mommy, I don’t want to cuddle anymore.”

For a minute I was speechless.



Wasn’t cuddling and talking about our day supposed to last for YEARS? At age six, Marlee declared she was done.

My heart broke a little. It would be the first of many things Marlee was ready for before I was.

Or was she?

I told myself: don’t project your feelings. Don’t guilt her. (Unbelievable! A Jewish mom not using her main weapon – guilt!).

I smiled at her while my mind wept and asked, “Just tonight? Or not anymore?”

“Not anymore,” she replied.

Still hopeful I asked, “do you want to go to your room, get into bed and go to sleep?”

She looked at me tentatively. My glimmer of hope expanded.

“Can we still read our story and talk?” she asked.

“YES!” I exclaimed.

As we talked about our day she inched towards me. Without a second thought she cuddled up and closed her eyes.

The cuddle connection continues for at least another night…hopefully many more.




2 thoughts on “The Cuddle (Dis)Connection

  1. Sadie says:

    I have often said that I would die without the snuggles. That’s how important they are to me. I count myself extremely lucky that I still have one child who snuggles with me unabashedly – at nearly 16 years of age. I’m glad for your sake Marlee wasn’t ready to follow through on this declaration!

  2. […] Cuddling every night with the girls (and Josh). Except one. Because I was on a conference call from 4pm to 11pm. otherwise cuddling has continued. Phew! […]

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