Can you walk a mile in Jimmy Choo’s?

There is a group of women, like my friend Sarah, who can walk for miles in in four inch heels without a whimper of complaint.

And then there’s me. A person who can’t resist a gorgeous pair of shoes but craves comfort above all else.

Does beauty trump comfort? How do I go from, “I am looking for a pretty, comfortable pair of shoes” to a closet filled with beautiful shoes I never wear because they torture my feet?

Here’s how:

I’m in the store. There they are. A pair of shoes I.must.have.

I gingerly put them on my feet. I admire their beauty.

I walk around the store thinking this is *the perfect pair of shoes*.

I convince myself they ARE comfortable despite any warning signs to the contrary. Anyway, how can you really know if a shoe fits from walking around a small store?

I purchase them, mentally picturing which outfits they will match.

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