Musings of a PTA President: Nomination

Apathetic. Until last week that was my attitude towards the PTA.  With a demanding job and even more demanding kids I was positive I didn’t have time for the PTA. Not now. Possibly not ever. Though Jill 10-years ago imagined becoming a super-involved-soccer-mom, Jill today loves her job and needs down time.

My main source of school related information is my friend Rachel. My primary motivation to do anything is guilt (“Mommy, EVERYONE is going to such-and-such event”) followed by my intention to minimize the amount of time my children will spend in therapy (I accept they will likely need therapy; the challenge is to minimize how much time they require with a therapist).

If the PTA blink – or Rachel — doesn’t explicitly tell me what to do and when to do it, I ignore it.

So how did I go from a potential path of indifference to nominating myself for PTA president?

Step 1: Discovery

Our local paper comes on Thursday. I rarely read it before Monday. But on Friday, May 31 an article caught my eye. It said if someone didn’t step forward by June 10 to become president, the PTA would be dissolved. This would results in the loss of $30,000+ for classrooms.

Step 2: Contact

I leapt off my couch (BEFORE COFFEE) and dashed to my computer. I emailed all 3 members of the nominating committee requesting information.

Step 3: Interrogation

Ok, not really interrogation but I had A LOT of questions for the lovely woman on the nominating committee who responded to my email.

Step 4: Consultation

I consulted with Josh (hubby) and a few friends.

Husband’s response: ARE YOU CRAZY? You are SO BUSY. Why would you want to do anything that takes more time and means less fun? I mean, I am totally supportive but REALLY?” My explanation led to, “Yeah, You’re going to do it. I support you. Go for it” followed by, “I really like that you care enough to do stuff like this.” Awwww!

Rachel’s response, “Geez, baby steps, Jill!” (followed by, “of course I’ll help you”)

Kim’s response, “NO WAY, DON’T DO IT” (followed by support for any choice I make)

Sadie’s response, “You go, girl!”

Meg’s response: see all of the above

Step 5: Seek more information

I talked to the current president to make sure (a) I could do the job (b) I can make time to do the job. I can’t commit to something I won’t ROCK at, or have time for.

At the end of the conversation I declared my commitment. I was PSYCHED.

Step 6: Second guess decision

Moment of panic led to self-reflection led to action:

Email Sadie.

Email Kim.

Text Meg.

Receive wonderfully supportive text from mother-in-law. Solid insight and much support from friends. I’ve got a kick-ass support system.

I based my decision on what felt good. And what felt good was sticking taking on this awesome (sorry, Nick, I used “awesome”) responsibility. You know, assuming the vote goes my way.

Step 7: Meeting

I met with the nominating committee and VP on Tuesday. They briefed me on everything I need to know and next steps. Whether they meant to or not, they validated my decision. I practically skipped out of the meeting.

Step 8: Brainstorm

I already have a ton of ideas and can’t wait to get started. I’m clear on my goals for the year so I started to crowd-source ideas. Using social media to gather ideas and information is empowering.

Step 9: Introductions

The PTA secretary sent an email to a lot of people that I need to get to know quickly stating, “On behalf of the Nominating Committee and the PTA Officers, we would like to announce that Jill Shaul has stepped forward as a nominee for the role of PTA President 2013-2014”.

Seems almost official. WOOT!

Step 10: Voting

That happens Monday. Then it’s official.

The only thing I’m worried about now is WHAT TO WEAR on Monday. If only PTA President = shopping spree.

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3 thoughts on “Musings of a PTA President: Nomination

  1. ptasocial says:

    Well done for taking this step Jill! Good luck! I’ll be rooting for you! 🙂

  2. […] As someone who has participated in ZERO PTA FUNDRAISERS it’s pretty easy for me to make recommendations based on nothing but numbers.  I bet in a few years I’ll be begging to keep a few simply because I like them. […]

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