How to answer the toughest questions kids ask

My kids are curious about the most uncomfortable topics. It’s like they have a boomerang of questions  around money, sex, God, death, relationships, and body parts.  I resist my urge to cringe, fold my arms, roll my eyes, and run away when they ask:

Mommy, when will I get boobs and how will I get them?

Why did your mom die? Will you die when I’m a kid?

How come so-and-so believes in God but you don’t? Wait, do you believe in God?

How much money do you make?

Why are there so many rainbow flags hanging and what do they mean?

Why is that girl a boy?

These are real questions from my girls. Whether you’re giggling or cringing, you’re likely wondering how the heck I answered them! Here are my strategies. And some examples.

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