Temper Tantrum Busters

Recently some parents have seemed impressed with my mommy skills. In full disclosure, I’m not a mommy superstar.

But sometimes I have a really stellar mommy moment. The kind that makes other moms (and sometimes dads, but they are harder to impress) exclaim “wow”. Granted, these usually are inspired by sheer desperation or Universal intervention. Sometimes they are stolen from other parents. Either way, here are some of the techniques that help us avoid temper tantrums and other kid-related annoyances.

Yes girls

This is perhaps the most brilliant of the bunch. We took a trip to NYC. The first day was a NIGHTMARE. The girls threw a fit on every block. They said NO to everything. They were disagreeable. We were miserable. Marlee even dumped coffee all over Lila Pearl (it wasn’t malicious but it was frustrating.)

The next day I declared, “today we are going to be yes girls”. I described that everyone had to find ways to say YES all day long. To my astonishment IT WORKED. The girls not only said YES but made it a game.

Sidebar: this would not work on a daily basis. Save it for a trip or special occasion.

Why? Why? Why? Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

There is a simple way we get our kids to stop asking, “why”.

We respond, “why not?”

They are either stumped or distracted by this question. Either way, they stop asking why and start asking more productive questions.

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