Mommy dating

Is there any dating that is more awkward than mommy-dating? Mommy-dating has all the fears and strangeness of “regular dating” with the added complexities of (1) the main thing you have in common is your kids (2) there are more people affected by the relationship than just you and the other mom. Namely, the kids. And also the husbands / partners / significant others.

Mommy dating is similar to regular dating in some ways —

First there’s interest. The moment you realize you have something in common with another mom. When small talk gives way to meaningful conversations that bypass bottle feeding, potty training, or soccer practice.

Then there’s the moment of “what do I do next”? Do we get together? With the kids? With the husbands?  What’s the protocol here? And how do I suggest getting together without being totally awkward?

When you get together – especially if it’s a mommy only outing – it really starts to feel like dating again. Thoughts drift through your mind like:

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