The Hidden Perks of Pregnancy

There are some benefits of pregnancy that no one seems to be talking about. With so many books, guides, and other forms of information out there, how has no one touched on these perks?


  • Napping.  Anytime. Anywhere.
  • No one expects you to be on time. And no one dares to challenge why you were late.
  • Shopping spree! Everyone needs a cute new wardrobe to wrap that baby belly in. When pregnant, comfortable shoes trump cute shoes so obviously new shoes are in order too.
  • Grooming is not necessary to parts you can no longer see because your belly is so big. Who needs a pedicure when your feet have disappeared?
  • Unlimited mac and cheese and ice cream. (Not doctor recommended)
  • No lifting heavy objects (doctor mandate). Heavy things can be defined as anything you don’t feel like bending down to pick up.
  • Exercise optional! (Not doctor recommended)

  • Nesting = organization. By my 7th month of pregnancy my house, car, attic, and basement were completely organized (by my standards)
  • The sight of a pregnant belly makes people jump up and offer their seat (does not apply on NYC subway). Especially men who have a memory of how uncomfortable their own wives were while pregnant. They seem fearful of the repercussions.  Use this to your advantage.
  • Learning new things – besides every detail of what your body is doing & how your baby is growing. During my pregnancy I learned how to knit despite the fact I have no business doing anything creative. I also insisted on painting many rooms in our house. Recently when I offered to paint a room in our condo Josh said “babe, you made a decision to never paint a room again. And I support that decision.” Clearly I only was successful at knitting.

And in case any of you were thinking I might be pregnant: I am NOT. This blog was inspired by (a) my “baby” turning 6 (b) a few new preggos I know.


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2 thoughts on “The Hidden Perks of Pregnancy

  1. ligurl27 says:

    Love it! 🙂 Don’t forget that you’re also excused when you forget birthdays or appointments..

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